Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Real or fake? E-mails from honor societies - Golden Key, NSCS, HonorSociety.org, and more

Traditionally honor society invitations were mailed to homes. Students excitedly open their acceptance mail and shared it with their parents, who in turn would use it to boast about how proud they were of their star. Like admissions letters, the mail simply is not the communication piece of choice any more. Students rush online the minute admissions results are posted, with the mail letter only becoming a formality.

Honor societies have progressed in the same way. Numerous honor societies, old and new, invite members to join via e-mail. If you do receive an e-mail invitation, it is prudent to research the organization's website to make sure it is in line with what you are expecting. Notably, HonorSociety.org as technology-driven society only invites members via e-mail. Honor societies are keeping up with the times, and as you can see below other great honor societies, like NSCS, Golden Key and others are e-mailing invitations as well. In many ways, it's good to see that these historic academic fixtures keeping up with the current times.

Examples of honor society e-mail invitations:

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