Tuesday, May 12, 2015

HonorSociety.org Review - by CollegeMagazine.com

CollegeMagazine.com just published a interesting, if not modern, take on HonorSociety.org. Read the HonorSociety.org review now for more perspective. While it feels unorthodox to read a review about an honor society written in the town that College Magazine uses, it nevertheless does a great job of expressing the core benefits of being a member of that society. Below is am example of the GIFs college magazine uses to illustrate their review.


In their words, College Magazine describes the benefits of HonorSociety.org as:

  1. A Welcome Ego Boost
  2. Internet Octopus 
  3. Field Trips: Throwback to Middle School 
  4. Adventure Awaits
  5. Whole New Level of Summer Vacation
  6. The "You and I" in Community and other Terrible Puns
  7. Starting a New Chapter in Your Life: Not a Metaphor
  8. Celeb Advice Fo' Free
  9. "Not a Time Suck" and Other Suprises. 
  10. Grad Schools as Desperate for you as the Student Body is on Weekends. 

Frankly those perks make absolutely no sense to us in this context, so I would suggest reading the article directly: HonorSociety.org – 10 Perks of Getting Invited

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