Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Surprising reviews about HonorSociety.org

It's surprising how polarized the internet seems to be about HonorSociety.org. While it's understandable to second-guess and research it's important to be able to distinguish the value and benefits of being an honor society member.  

Some of the best places to get valuable content about the honor society include College Magazine. In a recent series on honor societies, College Magazine included honorsociety.org in a list of "5 Honor Societies You Should Join". Further HerCampus.com recently wrote an interesting piece entitled "HonorSociety.org - The Career-Building Trick You've Never Thought Of." Better yet, take in photos from recent events and ceremonies of HonorSociety.org. 

HonorSociety.org regalia recognizes the successes of students on graduation day. Members have access to honor cords, medallions and graduation stoles. 

Maria Ardila is an active HonorSociety.org member who attended the Los Angeles member trip in December 2014. Here she is holding her diploma at graduation, wearing HonorSociety.org honor cords, medallions and tassels. 

Jill receiving her member certificate at the HonorSociety.org member banquet. 

Abby getting an autograph from US Men's World Cup soccer star Cobi Jones. 

HonorSociety.org Executive Director Michael Moradian receives a plaque from Jayne Goldman of the American Red Cross. 

HonorSociety.org regalia and certificates are available in the honor society store

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